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In search of Snow Leopards
Wildlife in Northern Pakistan Upper Hunza and Khunjerab National Park

Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

10~15 Days

Jan - April

Please contact us

Snow leopard observation opportunities increase from January to April, when the Ibex come down near the villages, and April is a beautiful time of year as the snow melts, Long-tailed Marmot come out of hibernation, and the bird population begins to breed. Snow leopard viewing is not easy, but the Upper Hunza and Khunjerab National Parks offer a challenge.

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It is recommended to plan for observation days of one week to ten days.
Drive from Islamabad to Chilas.
In the morning, visit the Indus River Petroglyphs depicting Snow Leopard and Ibex. Then drive north on Karakoram highway to Sost(or village of Upper Hunza)
Full day observation for Snow Leopard & other wildlife.
Drive to Chilas.
Drive back to Islamabad.


Best time to visit
January to mid-April

A stay of one week to 10 days is recommended for observation. Lodging altitude is 3,000m and the highest altitude (location to observe) is 4,600m.

Tour Price
Please inquire. We will provide an estimate based on the number of days, number of people, accommodations, and type of vehicle you wish to use.

There are a limited number of guides who specialize in snow leopards. Please contact us as soon as possible. In addition to the snow leopard guide, national park staff may also accompany the snow leopard in the observation vehicle.


Please note that no transport and rooms reserved at this stage. We will be thankful if you could give us tentative dates of the visit so that we can reserve the transport and hotels accordingly