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We, Indus Caravan, have re-started our tour operations in Afghanistan. Individual/Group travel arrangements are made with full attention to the latest information and developments after the new Taliban regime set in 2021.

Bamiyan Caves
Wakhan Corridor
The Attractions of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a land of various ethnic groups, including Tajik, Pashtun, Uzbek, Hazara and Wakhi, influenced by Central, West and South Asia, and through which great civilizations in history have passed. It is a magical country that although they still face many problems, its diversity is what makes it so attractive.


Buddhist Archaeological Sites

The Bamiyan Caves, as well as many sites with Buddhist-built stupas and monastery remains are scattered across the southern and northern parts of the Hindukush. The different styles of Buddhist monuments from neighboring Pakistan are interesting, and inspire the romanticism of the historic Silk Road.

Bamiyan cave painting


Silk Road Heritage

In the North, Mazar-e Sharif, a hub town in the north, Balkh, dotted with ancient and medieval ruins, and the bazaars of the Uzbek and Turkmen peoples are bustling, full of Silk Road ambience. Western Afghanistan has beautifully decorated medieval sites, including the mosque in Herat and The Ghurid dynasty minaret <Minar-e Jam>.

Watch tower along the Trans-Hindukush Road


Afghanistan's Nature

Afghanistan has beautiful natural areas, with deserts, mountainous areas comprising the Hindu Kush and its tributaries, and the plains. The mountainous landscapes around Band-e Amir and Bamiyan are among the most scenic in Afghanistan, and the mountainous landscape of Badakhshan, Wakhan corridor is uniquely attractive.

Band-e Amir


Encounters with beautiful people and cultures

Afghanistan is known as the crossroads of ethnic groups and civilizations. The beautiful people and their traditional costumes are fascinating, especially for visitors.

Wahan Corridor

Our Afghanistan Tour

We have been operating tours in Afghanistan since 2003, and in accordance with the 2023 Foreign Travel Regulations in Afghanistan, we have travel arrangements with permits for all destinations. We are highly experienced and confident about visiting Bamiyan area and other Buddhist sites.

Duration:4 days ~ 6 days

Itinerary to visit the Bamiyan caves, Band-e Amir and Kabul. This tour can be done in 4 days , but we recommend having 3 nights in beautiful Bamiyan ( 5 nights/6 days program).

Bamiyan West Buddha

East Buddha cave

Painting (East Buddha cave)

At Bamiyan Valley

At the suburbs of Kabul

Naan shop in Kabul

Duration:9 days ~ 10 days

Itinerary includes visits to the Bamiyan caves and surrounding caves, Band-e Amir, and Surkh Kotar, Takht-e Rostam, Mazar-e Sharif and Balkh in the North.

Band-e Amir

Painting (East Buddha cave)

Painting (East Buddha cave)

East Buddha cave

Kakrak Caves

Dragon Valley

Surkh Kotar

Takht-e Rostam

Duration:11 days ~ 14 days

This is an adventure program on the central route from Bamiyan to Herat. For real adventure lovers, with rough off-roading and overnight stays in Chai khana. You won't want to miss the medieval Silk Road sites such as Chehel Burj and the minaret of Jam, which are along the way to Herat.

Minaret of Jam

Minaret of Jam

Hazara people travelling on the central route

Hazara people travelling on the central route

Herat,Friday Mosque

Herat,Friday Mosque

Duration:10 days ~ 3 weeks

This number of days depends on the area you want to visit and the point of entry into Afghanistan. Overnight stays will be in a local home, yurt and tent on adventure tracks.

Wakhi Family at Sarhad

Village of Wakhan Corridor

Wakhi Family at Sarhad

Wakhi Family at Sarhad

*Please feel free to consult with us about any of these Programs, Prices and where to get your Visa.