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Balochistan – The Makran Coast, Captivating Mud Volcanos and Hingol National Park

Balochistan, Pakistan


Nov - Feb

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All foreigners must get an entry permit to enter this area.
This is an adventure tour in Balochistan, which has amazing views of the coast and mud volcanoes. It spans from coast to the mountains and spectacular coastlines of Hingol National Park. You will have opportunities to explore scenic areas and adventure while camping, going on walks to see the mud volcanoes and drives along the coast.


Drive from Karachi to Kund Malir. Set up base camp on the beach.
Explore the mud volcanoes, the coastline and Hingol National Park.
Spend the entire day exploring different areas around Hingol National Park.
Continue exploring beautiful scenic areas around Hingol National Park.
Travel from Kund Malir to Karachi. On the way, make a stop at the ship graveyard, Ghadani.


Best time to visit
November to February

In order to visit all the most scenic areas, you will want to spend at least 3 nights and 4 days. This is a tour where you can enjoy the scenery and walking around mud volcanoes, while visiting the Hingol National Park. It is best to avoid traveling here on the weekends, as many of the domestic tourists come to the coast.

Tour Price
Please contact us for price quotation based on the number of days, number of people, accommodation and vehicle type. The base camp will have clean showers and toilets that can be used privately, depending on the number of participants.

Foreign tourists needs to obtain a permit before entering Balochistan. It takes 1 month to get the permit after getting your visa. As of 2022, foreigners are not allowed to move freely inside Balochistan, so police or army escort will accompany the tour group for the entire time.


Please note that no transport and rooms reserved at this stage. We will be thankful if you could give us tentative dates of the visit so that we can reserve the transport and hotels accordingly