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the Gandhara Archaeological remains

Punjab & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan


September - April

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This is a trip to Gandhara sites around the Swat Valley, where Gandhara art flourished. Gandhara Buddhist art flourished during the Kushan Empire in the 1st-5th centuries. Its cultural influence extended over north-west Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan, with present-day Peshawar (Purushapura) flourishing as the capital, and many stupas and monasteries were built in the Swat Valley. The first Buddha statues are thought to have been made during the Kushan Empire in the 1st century, the period of the succession between Kujula Kadphises and Vima Kadphises (various theories exist), when Buddhist art, influenced by the Greeks, Persians, West and Central Asia of that time. This tour takes you to many Gandhara archaeological sites. Some sites have spectacular remains to almost nothing left (not excavated), but why not feel like a survey team? You will see the wonderful Gandhara exhibits including the Jataka reliefs, at the Peshawar Museum.


Day trip from Islamabad to visit the Gandhara archeological site (Rani Gat, Aziz Dheri, Baho Dheri) , Hund Museum & Alexander the great Memorial and Asota Megaliths (Stone circle, rare in South Asia).
Drive to Swat valley. Upon arrival, we will visit Barikot, Ghalegay Cave, Gog Dara Petroglyphs, Shingerdar stupa, Ghalegay Buddha, Odigram settlement remain.
Full day visit of Gandhara archeological site in Swat valley. We will visit Shakhurai Buddha (Jahanabad Rock Carved Buddha), Swat Museum, Butkara site-1, Butkara site-3, Saidu Sharif stupa.
We will travel by four-wheel drive vehicle to the more remote Gandhara archaeological site. We will visit Amluk Dara, Tokar Dara, Abasaheb Cheena, Gambat Balo Vihara, Shnesha Stupa.
Morning, we will travel by four-wheel drive vehicle to visit Nimogram, Gumbatuna, Andan Dheri and Chatpat. Afternoon, drive to Peshawar.
Day trip from Peshawar to visit archeological site around Mardan. We will visit Ashoka Rock Edicts, Chanaka Dheri, Jamal Gahri, Tharle, Sri Bahlol.
In the morning, take time to visit the Peshawar Museum. Later, visit the World Heritage Site of Takht-i-Bahi and continue to Islamabad.
Full day visit to Taxila, largest archaeological site in Gandhara, and it's Museum. We will visit Sirkap, Dharmarajika, Jandial, Mohra Moradu, Jaulian etc.


Best time to visit
September - April

*The itinerary is designed to visit a number of sites in a short period of time. It is possible to have a more relaxed schedule, please contact us.
*Buddhist guests who are planning to hold ceremony at site are advised to contact us.
*We also arrange visits to Buddhist sites in Afghanistan (Bamiyan Caves, Top Dara Stupa, Takht-e-Rustam, etc.). Please contact us for more information.

Tour Price
Please contact us for price quotation based on the number of days, number of people, accommodation and vehicle type.

There are a limited number of guides who can guide in detail at the Gandhara site. If you are considering a visit, please contact us at an early stage.


Please note that no transport and rooms reserved at this stage. We will be thankful if you could give us tentative dates of the visit so that we can reserve the transport and hotels accordingly.