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Kalash Valley

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan


Apr - Dec

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Pakistan is a very diverse nation. The Kalash people are the unique existence among the various ethnic groups in Pakistan. They are part of the Pakistan-Islamic Republic but even though they live in Pakistan, they worship independent gods in a polytheist faith. The Kalash people live in three village of Bumburet, Rumbur and Birir located along the border area with Afghanistan, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. We used to be unable to go to Kalash Valley in winter due to the snow accumulation on the Lowari Pass on the way. Now, with the opening of the Lowari Tunnel, it is possible to visit all year round. The best time to visit is between April, when the apricot blossoms bloom and the village begins to spring, and October, when the corn is harvested.

The Kalash people are also famous for their festivals: Joshi Spring Festival (May 13-16) in spring, Uchal Festival (August 20-21) in summer, Phool Festival (October) in autumn, and Chaumas Festival (December) in winter, which attract photographers from all over the world. The view of Tirich Mir, which is the highest mountain of the Hindukush range (7,708 m) from Ayun is breathtaking.


Drive from Islamabad to Ayun through the Lowari Tunnel.
Drive from Ayun to Bumburet Valley by 4WD, visit the village of the Kalash people and see their temple and cemetery, visit local house.Then drive to Rumbur Valley.
Visit some villages in the beautiful Rumbur Valley. Then return to Ayun. In the evening, you will have a view of Tirich Mir, the highest mountain of the Hindukush range (7,708 m).
Drive to Islamabad through the Lowari Tunnel.


Best time to visit
April - December (Note: very crowded during the festival period)

It is possible to visit in minimum 2 nights from Islamabad, but due to the long distances involved, it is recommended to arrange 3 nights or more.

Tour Price
Please contact us for price quotation based on the number of days, number of people, accommodation and vehicle type.

During the Kalash festival, it is very crowded. Accommodation in Kalash valley is a simple guesthouse. Please consult with us if you are planning to do some serious photography.


Please note that no transport and rooms reserved at this stage. We will be thankful if you could give us tentative dates of the visit so that we can reserve the transport and hotels accordingly