K2 & Baltoro Trekking 2022 (Part 5) GoreⅡ to Concordia

Finally, we made it the leg of the hike to Concordia. The camp on the glacier of Gore II is cold (in June), so we made early preparations and left quickly.

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K2 & Baltoro Trekking 2022 (Part 5) GoreⅡ to Concordia

Staying in Concordia, surrounded by the high Peaks of the Karakorum: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum Mountain Range

We walked about 6 km from Gore Ⅱ (altitude 4,271m) to the 4,400m point stopping for a light meal, and then walked an additional 7.5 km to the campsite of Concordia (4,596m). It is an exciting hike, as the mountains of Concordia get closer and closer with each turn.

Morning at the Gore II camp. It’s going to be a cloudy day today, but the weather forecast says it’s going to be sunny for the entire two days of our stay in Concordia, so I’d like to expect it to be pleasant. Even so, the Masherbrum (7,821m) that emerged between the clouds in the morning sun, was really exceptional.

The porters are in a hurry. The porters and mules who we have contracted to accompany us only upto Concordia, quickly take our luggage back down. The glacier is a very harsh environment for the animals, and it is not a place to stay any longer than necessary.

The exhaled white breath of the hard-working porters.

Leaving Masherbrum behind, we head out from Camp.

A horse with our luggage (not a mule, but a horse). This year, we just redesigned the Saiyu Travel and Indus Caravan logos on the khaki green duffle bag.

Our light meal while on the glacier.

From here, you can see the Muztagh Tower (7,273m), a mountain on the border with China to the north. The name “Muztagh” is often heard in this area, but it means “mountain of ice and snow” in the Turkic language.

The Gasherbrum Mountains get closer as we approach them.

The view of the peaks of the Gasherbrum Group just before reaching Concordia.

We have to go through the campground of the Pakistani Army which is totally littered with trash and the CNKP (Central Karakoram National Park).  Then we finally reached our destination for this leg of the trip, where we can relax a bit for the next 3 nights.

We set up the Kitchen Tent and Dining Tents with Miter Peak (6,010 m) as the backdrop. It started to snow on this first night.

At nightfall, I got one shot as the snowfall subsided. Broad Peak (8,051 m) and K2 (8,611 m) are covered with clouds and the snow covering the ground. I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning!


Photo & text : Mariko SAWADA

Trek date : Mid -JUN 2022

*The altitudes and distances traveled from site to site that are listed, are based on our own measurements and GPS equipment. Please note that these may differ from other official books or reference materials.

*Contact us, Indus Caravan for more information or to make arrangements for your Baltoro Glacier trek.

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